China is now the Second Biggest Exporter of Trucks to Chile to the report of a Chilean newspaper, as the Chilean Auto Industry Association counted, the import of vehicles from China has rose from 0% in 2006to 2% in 2007, and 19% in 2011 and 2012. China has become the second biggest truck exporter to Chile after Brazil.

The biggest truck exporter is Brazil, who took 52% of the market share in 2006, to 22% in 2012; the third biggest exporter is Japan, with 17% of share in 2006 and 16% in 2012; Mexico took 5% in 2006, and 14% in 2012; Germany took 4% in 2006, and 10% in 2012.

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China Bearings Delegation attends Hannover MesseFoton cummin In early April. 2013, a delegation of 80 people of Chinese bearings industry attended the Hannover Messe.

The Hannover Messe is the largest of its kind in the world,Foton cummins parts with a exhibiting arear of 220,000 square meters. Approximately 730 companies from China attended the fair, making China the second biggest exhibitor after only Germany. Around 100 companies of the bearings industry attended the fair, including a number of domestically famous company, such as Wazhou, Hazhou, Dongguan TR, Jiangsu Nanfang and more.

The theme of the fair is “integrated industry”. All aspects of industrial manufacture could be linked by intelligent network, so it is called the “fourth industrial revolution” (industry 4.0). it is a hot topic in the fair. Industry 4.0 is a whole new idea, in which,Foton cummins parts the system is more intelligent, the network is more closely connected. The whole new concept that the fair promotes leaves deep expression to the delegation of Chinese bearings makers.

Secretary-General of the China Bearings Association, Zhou Yu, met with Andrew Howard, the Secretary-General of European Association for Bearings Makers. They exchanged ideas during the meeting.

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